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Time Planner 2013

Men are anxious to improve their circumstances but are unwilling to improve themselves: they therefore remain bound."

- Allen

Self help tools to evaluate performance


The planner has been designed as a self help book offering a range of tools to improve your effectiveness. Use this section to evaluate your performance every quarter. This helps you to step back from your daily "busyness" and examine what you have actually achieved.

As Drucker says - there is only one measure of performance. Against what you planned to do, review what you actually did.

This section of the planner has two self help concepts that can enhance your self awareness.

1. Attitudes

Any self improvement or self help program involves understanding your own attitudes. Ask yourself: What could I have done better ?

Do you have an attitude problem ?

Are you unclear about your values ?

Are you unclear about what truly interests you ?

Do you have low self esteem ?

Are you satisfied with low standards ?

Do you procrastinate ? Miss deadlines ?

Are you uncomfortable dealing with conflicts ?

Are you Passive/Reactive ?

Are you unwilling to take responsibility ?

Are you lazy ?

List the goals you did not achieve but could have achieved if you had tried harder. Only you know whether you have put in the best effort.

2. Skills

Help your self by objectively evaluating your own technical skills. The worst kind of ignorance is not knowing that you do not know.

Did you fail to meet your goals because you lacked the skills ? What new skills do you need to develop ?

a. Do you lack subject matter expertise ?
b. Are you badly organized ?
c. How does your work style affect others ?
d. Are you receptive to feedback ?

Review your performance regularly. Over a period of time you will see patterns emerging.

a. Are you consistently late in completing jobs ?
b. Do you take up projects and not see them through ?
c. Are there certain types of jobs you never seem to complete ?
d. Are there certain types of jobs you find difficult or which you hate ?

Management concepts

A summary of some of the 60 articles on key management concepts included in the planner.

Personal SWOT analysis

Assessing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is useful for deciding what career path to follow. Many people just drift along – taking whatever jobs come their way and trying to adapt.

a.Strengths and Weaknesses are internal issues.
b.Opportunities and Threats are external.

The article lists the questions you need to ask while doing a SWOT analysis.

Work groups or teams ?

A set of people working together does not necessarily mean a team. The output from a team and a group can be very different. To ensure team work, a manager must understand the difference between how groups and teams work.

The article outlines 8 key differences between work groups and teams.

Leaders versus Managers

What are the differences between managers and leaders ? Drucker said ‘Managers do things right.Leaders do the right things.”

What are the 9 ways in which leaders and managers look at a situation ?